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Howdy there; you're probably here to figure out how to get the Directed Edge recommendations engine plugged into your website. Usually the best place to start is with the API Concepts and to work your way forward from there, but the brave at heart can jump straight to the Web Services Examples or Ruby Bindings for E-Commerce Tutorial.

There's a pretty big pile of information here, but don't let it intimidate you. Most web developers that already know a wee bit about databases can get up and going with our system a couple of hours. (And we're working on making it even easier.)

General Information

Web Services API

  • API Concepts - General info about how things are stored in the Directed Edge graph database
  • XML Format - Documentation for the XML format used with the REST API
  • REST API - Documentation of the methods used for communicating with our servers

Web Services Examples

Ruby Bindings

Our Ruby bindings make it possible to ignore all of the business with XML and REST APIs just deal with a good old fashion Ruby classes. It's still probably useful to give a read to API Concepts so that you have an idea of what the classes in the Ruby API correspond to.

PHP Bindings

PHP bindings are currently in beta and mirror the Ruby bindings. More documentation and a tutorial will follow.

Python Bindings

Python bindings are currently in beta and mirror the Ruby bindings. More documentation and a tutorial will follow.

Getting the most out of the recommendations on your site

We've got a handful of site-specific parameters that we can tune on our side to shape the recommendations to fit your needs. Want more popular items to show up in the recommendations? Can do. Got a trendy site where people want to discover the latest and greatest that their friends don't know about yet? Again, we're there for you.

At the moment these parameters aren't adjustable by site administrators themselves (but that's in the pipe), but it just takes us a few seconds to tweak things to your whim.


Feel free to drop us a mail if you've got questions on the API or if there's some content that you'd really like to see here.