Recommendation parameters

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Type Name Default Description
list tags Only include items which possess the specified tags
list excludedTags Exclude items which possess the specified tags
list exclude Exclude the items with the given IDs
list items For a database-related request (i.e. basket request), specifies the list of items to find related items to; for a normal database GET request, specifies which items should be returned (useful for getting information about a number of items at once)
boolean showReferences false Show the "references" (back-links) for an item GET
list ignore Do not include or factor into ranking the listed IDs
boolean excludeLinked false (recommended) / true (related) Don't include the items directly linked from the query item (i.e. products already purchased by a customer)
int maxResults 20 The maximum number of recommended entries to return
boolean includeProperties false Include the properties for the item as XML attributes in a related or recommended query
boolean includeTags false Include the tags for the item as an XML attribute (comma separated) in a related or recommended query
list include Hand-pick the listed IDs for inclusion in a recommended or related query
string tagOperation OR Specifies whether the list of tags specified in "tags" or "excludedTags" should be evaluated using a logical "or" or logical "and"
enum [ Add, Subtract, Replace ] updateMethod Replace Specifies the behavior POSTed updates to items
list itemsToRank Ranks a specific set of items using the "related" method
float (0 .. 1.0) popularity -1.0 (automatic) Skews results towards more niche or popular items